Friday, January 13, 2012

American Idol memorial?

In a week or so, the 11th season of American Idol will begin. In a week or so, my husband and I will be watching it. We will watch until the winner is announced.

I have heard people talking about how boring it has become, or maybe how cheesy it has become, but we watch it for a different reason than probably any other viewer in the entire world. We watch it in memory of our Lauren.

Lauren was here for the first season, which ran from June 11-Sept. 4, 2002 as a summer replacement. She saw the 2003 shows, and we were in the midst of the 2004 season when she passed away. She did not see who won that year, although she had her favorites. She really loved the show.

The next year, when AI returned, we decided to watch it for Lauren. And we have watched every season since. In a strange way, it brings us closer to her. It is, of course, only one of the ways we remember her. But we think about her when the show is running, wondering what she might think about the silly antics of the host and judges. Who would she chose as the winner? What would she think now that Simon and Paula are gone? Thinking of that brings us joy.

To some, it might seem silly, but to us, it is just one of the ways we remember our sweet girl.


  1. It doesn't seem silly to me at all. There are things I like to do that make me feel like my dad is still with us, like when we eat at Pete and Sam's. When my dad was still alive, we would all eat at Pete and Sam's and my dad would want everyone to save their toasted ravioli sauce so he could add the extra to his spaghetti sauce. He thought it made his spaghetti extra delicious. It was a huge deal. LOL. Now when we go, we all save the toasted ravioli sauce in his honor. Those kind of things bring me great joy, too.

    1. I think it brings our Catholic teaching of "Communion of Saints" to life, Dawn. I am glad when we find things that remind us of them. I know they love that we remember them too. Love you!