Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finding Easter again

This Easter my husband and I added another sweet child to our "bouquet" of godchildren. Our precious Lacy was fully received into the faith on Easter Vigil.

Lacy is the preteen granddaughter of our best friends Steve and Dawn.  Her parents, Cory and Jackie, were friends with our son Aaron and our daughter Lauren. Our families are intertwined through our faith and the love that we share with each other.

Steve sponsored our son Aaron for his Confirmation. When we asked Aaron why he chose Mr. Steve, he spoke of his great admiration and respect for Steve and the husband and father that he was. When it was Lauren's turn for Confirmation, she chose Dawn. She loved Dawn like another mother. My shy, reserved daughter related to Dawn's quiet demeanor and her sweet spirit. She was very much like Dawn in that way.

On the day of Lauren's funeral, Steve and Dawn were at the lectern reading the Word. They were there supporting us in our time of need, like families do.

During Lent, I was able to attend a couple of retreats with Lacy. Watching her learn the faith and being able to talk to her about the Eucharist, our greatest and most precious gift was such a blessing to me. Our Easter Vigil with Lacy was like having my birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day all rolled into one. It was such a sweet and moving mass, and seeing her baptized, confirmed and receiving Jesus for the first time in Communion helped me truly find Easter again.

I think we forget the meaning of Easter and take it for granted. Is it a day to get a new outfit? Plan an Easter Egg hunt? See how much candy we can fit into our kids' basket? Do we really listen when the Passion is read and do we remember the tragedy and the victory of those four days?

Seeing Lacy come into the Church was the reminder I needed to focus on that glorious time.

Soon, we will baptize our dear friend Michelle's grandson Easton. Yet another child will be added to our "bouquet." Our family grows, and our faith is revived.