Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love Lucy (and Suzy, Alex and Carson, too)

Lucy was born last night at around 11 p.m. She is the newborn daughter of my young friends Dustin and Allicia, whom I have never met in person. They are my friends because we had a common interest in The Catholic Guy Show on Sirius XM. We became friends through this crazy phenomenon we call "Social Meda." Dustin was kind enough to let me blog on the CGS fan blog for a while. I feel like I know them because I talk to them almost everyday on Twitter and Facebook. Lucy is so adorable.
Suzy, who is six weeks old,  belongs to my wonderful next door neighbors, Amy and Scott. She is absolutely beautiful. Last time I saw her, she laid her little head on my shoulder when I was holding her. She is such a sweet baby, I cannot wait to see her again! Amy is such a wonderful mother to her, and Scott is crazy about her. It does my heart so good to see her, whether it is in person or on Facebook.
Last week, my great-great nephew Alex was born. He is my late brother Maurice's great-grandson. Maurice was the oldest (23 when I was born) and I was the youngest. Alex is just gorgeous. I cannot wait to see him and hold him when I get to S.C. I miss my family, and seeing him on Facebook makes me want to be home with them. 
Carson is my great-niece and she is now 7 months old. She belongs to my brother Andre's  only daughter, Leslie.  She was a long time coming to our family but she could not have been a more wonderful gift to us. My brother is so happy to have gained two step-granddaughters and a granddaughter over the past few years. He feels very blessed as we all do. Carson is so much like Leslie, it almost makes me cry to see her. I am looking forward to seeing her on my next trip home, too. 

Today's trip to the cemetery to visit Lauren and place her purple Lenten flowers there was a little easier than it could have been, because of these wonderful babies who have come into my life. They bring me comfort, joy and most of all hope. They all live in homes filled with love and laughter, and with families who love them. I pray that one day all children have those things in their lives. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm just wild about Harry

I am finally embarking on a journey that has taken almost 8 years to begin. I promised myself that I would read the Harry Potter books after Lauren died, because she loved them so much. I wanted to do it before now, I intended to do it before now and I really thought I would do it before now. But I hadn't.

Lauren loved those books and the movies that were out before she died. We decided to continue seeing the movies after she died as a tribute to her, and we have watched every one. I remember how she used to be so immersed in the books. She would read them for hours, and could not put them down. She was very angry that people thought they were occult and anti-Christian. "They are just stories, Mama. Everybody knows this stuff can't happen," Lauren would say.

Last month I asked my daughter-in-law Anna if she had read the books. She said she had and after I explained why I wanted to read them, she willingly lent them to me. I have finished the first one, and am in the midst of the second. 

As crazy as it sounds, they make me feel close to Lauren and surprisingly enough, Anna. I love them. The characters are so lively and fun. The stories are so interesting. I finally understand why everyone is so wild about Harry. 

I plan to finish all of them by the end of the year. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time flies even when you're not having fun.

It hit me the other day: it's 2012. It's not like I was sleeping and only woke up at the end of January. I just started thinking about a new year and what it would mean for our family and friends. There will be happy times, of course. This year marks our 30th wedding anniversary, and we are planning a trip to Rome! Two of or godsons will celebrate their first Eucharists, and we will baptize a new godson and a new goddaughter.  Our niece Kimberly will graduate from college. Our son and his wife will celebrate their first anniversary, and Lauren's friend Margaret will be married in March. So there are many reasons to rejoice in this coming year. 

One thing that really struck me when thinking of all of these things, was when I realized this would mark the 8th anniversary of our daughter's death. Eight years! It seems impossible to think of. Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday, and then it feels like eternity. Where has the time gone? So many things have happened since she left: milestones in people's lives that she has missed. Marriages, births and deaths  that she was not here for. It makes me wonder what she sees and what she is aware of.  I take solace in the Communion of Saints. 

Shortly after we lost her, someone asked me if we knew exactly what happened to cause her car accident. I had to admit that I did not know then, and I still don't. Neither the police chief or the fire chief of our little town could figure it out and tell us. It dawned on me that when I did find out (in heaven) I would not care. That is so true. It won't matter then. Even if I did know, it would not change the outcome, because none of us can turn back the calendar or the clock. 

There have been moments of joy these past few years, as I am sure there will be in the coming years that I am here. For now, I will treasure the moments I have with my husband, son and daughter-in-law (and future grandchildren, hopefully), my family and my friends. I will continue to commune with my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I will look for the day when I meet my Lord. and be reunited with my loved ones.