Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm just wild about Harry

I am finally embarking on a journey that has taken almost 8 years to begin. I promised myself that I would read the Harry Potter books after Lauren died, because she loved them so much. I wanted to do it before now, I intended to do it before now and I really thought I would do it before now. But I hadn't.

Lauren loved those books and the movies that were out before she died. We decided to continue seeing the movies after she died as a tribute to her, and we have watched every one. I remember how she used to be so immersed in the books. She would read them for hours, and could not put them down. She was very angry that people thought they were occult and anti-Christian. "They are just stories, Mama. Everybody knows this stuff can't happen," Lauren would say.

Last month I asked my daughter-in-law Anna if she had read the books. She said she had and after I explained why I wanted to read them, she willingly lent them to me. I have finished the first one, and am in the midst of the second. 

As crazy as it sounds, they make me feel close to Lauren and surprisingly enough, Anna. I love them. The characters are so lively and fun. The stories are so interesting. I finally understand why everyone is so wild about Harry. 

I plan to finish all of them by the end of the year. 

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