Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 1 Italian Voyage- Getting there

Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012

We began our trip from Memphis to Atlanta at 11:40 am and had a good flight complete with internet. We ate at Qdoba in ATL airport and were unsuccessful in getting an international cell phone plan. We did get a landline plan so that we could call our kids while we are there. Our cell phones will be on airplane mode for a week. 

The Delta flight to Rome began at 3:40 pm. Our in-flight entertainment for the first three hours consisted of nothing, since the system would not work. They rebooted it at least three times. The only thing we could see was the trip map which showed that we were flying up the east coast from Atlanta to Boston and making a sharp right turn headed straight toward the ocean. About 6:15 p.m. CST, the sun was setting. It was beautiful. A few minutes later I could see nothing out of the window. 

There was no internet, which left RT wondering who was winning the Ole Miss vs. Central Arkansas game. Guess we’ll have to wait until we can get on Twitter tomorrow morning. He was looking forward to tracking the game along the way. 

Our dinner was chicken and rice, salad (I got all of RT’s cucumbers, since he hates them), cheese and crackers, a roll with butter, a blonde chocolate chip cookie, Dinner conversation was listening to the liberal Democrat non-practicing Episcopalian lady and the South American Catholic doctor, (who claimed he only goes to church to take his children) drone on and on.

The third reboot was wholly unsuccessful, so we decided to take a nap, which was wholly unsuccessful as well. They served us turkey and cheddar on a roll and Milano cookies later in the evening, which we both ate. (Weight watchers is out of the question on this trip, I am discovering.) 

No movies, no music (my iPhone was low on battery) and a couple of puzzle books and a SkyMall magazine kept me company. In my haste, I forgot to pack my book.

They fed us a nice breakfast just before we landed, but that did not stop us from eating the free breakfast at the hotel!

On time and ready to go!

With no internet or movies, our entertainment was watching ourselves cross the ocean.
We're here!

First glimpse of Italia under cloud cover.

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