Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You won't believe this!

It has been a long time since I have worked on my blog. There are a few reasons for that, but the primary one was that I did not have an available computer at home. My old Mac from 2007 finally bit the dust. You can turn it on, but typing is another story!

I had an iPad, but no keyboard attached to it. Finally, last week, my iPad got dropped and it would not work anymore. RT (my husband) bought me a brand new iPad and got me a keyboard to go with it! So I am really back this time. We have a nice computer upstairs, but I don't want to get up there and leave RT downstairs alone watching tv. We really do enjoy our time together after work every evening, watching our movies and hanging out together. Now that I have this new little toy of mine, I can truly say I am back.

About a week ago, a priest friend of mine suggested a book for me to read, and I am really excited! We just finished watching A.D. The Bible Continues (which incidentally was syncing up with our daily readings this year) and I discovered that I really wanted to read about the early church fathers. I love the book of Acts, and am fascinated with the travels of the Apostles and other early Christians and how the gospel was spread. I find the story of Peter, the prince of the Church fascinating. I find the story of Paul, who some say is the greatest apostle, fascinating. I have figured out that my faith is still being formed, even at my age.

The book that was recommended to me is "From Age to Age: How Christians Have Celebrated the Eucharist" by Edward Foley, a Capuchin. My friend felt that reading this book, which is about the "source and summit" of our faith, would be a good way for me to begin my journey.

We are coming up on the 12th anniversary or our daughter's death. It is a hard time of the year for us, and it really doesn't get easier. Recently, I have said that our sweet granddaughter Rosemary has put little pieces of our hearts back into place again. Just being with her brings us such joy! Now we have another little sweetheart on the way! In late July, we are expecting another sweet little girl, whose name will be Vivian.

Pray for us as we face this tough week leading up to the anniversary. Believe this!

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